Places To Pick Up Women

places to pickup womenA lot of guys are looking for some great places to pick up women.  I mean, that’s really the first thing you need to do when it comes to attracting women.  You can have the confidence to approach and know the best routines, but if you can’t find any women, you’re sort of at a loss before you even start.  Here I’d like to share a few great places to meet some women.

The Internet Is One of the Best Places to Pick Up Women

Before the internet age really took root, it used to be that guys had to waste a whole bunch of time thinking of places to meet women, and then going to these place.  This was a huge pain especially if you didn’t particularly like going to these places.  Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to half-heartedly sign up for yoga classes or waste your time at noisy bars and clubs if that’s not your scene.

The internet is great, because all you need to do is sign up for one of the major services out there and you can literally use the search feature to find your perfect woman.  Do you know what she looks like?  How old is she?  How tall is she?  What ethnicity is she?  You can search by all of these things on most online dating sites.

Online dating can save a guy so much time and effort.  It’s no wonder that the internet is one of the best places to pick up women.  All you need to do is write up a quick e-mail and shoot it off to that foxy lady and you can get well on your way to meeting a totally gorgeous woman.

And best of all, you know that she’s looking to meet a man.  One thing that is particularly frustrating about meeting women in the real world is that you never really know if she has a boyfriend until you’ve been talking to her for awhile.  Thanks to the internet, you can skip all that.

Places to Pick Up Women Offline

The internet is great, but you don’t want to completely forget about meeting women in the real world either.  Now, I’m sure you’ve probably already considered going to bars and clubs.  Heck, that’s what most guys do.  But the women you meet there have their “pick up” defenses up and they’ll probably be more hesitant.

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So instead, we’re going to try out what pick up artists (PUA’s) call “day game”.  This is often much easier than meeting women in clubs because she is more relaxed and her guard is generally much lower.  Think places like coffee shops, bookstores, and the like.  Personally, I love meeting women in bookstores.  I mean you have an instant conversation topic: books!  Just notice what book she’s looking at and say something like “Oh hey!  I noticed you’re looking at one of those Twilight books.  What’s the big deal with those anyway?  Do women really think that vampires and werewolves are hot?”

The Secret Yet Powerful Method to Meeting Women

Now, a lot of guys will totally overlook this, but your social circle is one of the best places to pick up women simply because you don’t really have to go through that awkward phase of “What does this guy want?” that you have to get past when you’re doing a cold approach.

If you have a friend that knows a hot girl, he can hook the two of you up.  The two of you instantly trust each other (after all both of you know “John” right?) and hooking up seems much more seamless and natural.

If you don’t have a particularly big social circle, then don’t discount the value of making male friends too in your quest to meet women.  You never know who’s got a really hot friend…

So, take a little time to find women on the internet, go to a few places to pick up women that you feel comfortable going to, and keep making new friends.  Before you know it you’ll never find yourself wondering where to meet women again.