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Rob helped me to develop a solid mindset which I continue to maintain through all activities of my life. ...I was able to build true confidence, finally feeling comfortable in saying, "I just don’t care what random strangers think of me…and I’m perfectly OK with that." It’s an amazing feeling to be so comfortable in your own skin, not putting up some facade to try and please those that just don’t matter. I have learned to take care of the important connections, and through those connections, life has become so much simpler and rewarding. My life is now built in a way which I can honestly say I’m now living a life of no regrets. Rob helped me build this foundation and I am so grateful to be able to call him a friend and mentor.
Web Dev
February 01, 2017
Rob's helped me become a person I'm proud of. He's helped push me through the hard parts of growth; to do the things I used to avoid without even trying because I was scared to fail. I had a lot of hang ups about “game”, but Rob's got a big heart and wasn't pushing any manipulative gimmicks—just help understanding what I was doing wrong and how to present my natural personality in a way that generates and maintains attraction. It's clear he loves what he does and he'll help you reach your goals if you put in the work!
Sr. Research Associate
January 25, 2017
I had an awesome time learning and working with Rob. Very friendly guy, full of life. He literally makes it his goal to improve your quality of life. I highly recommend him. After working with him he gave me new ideas, and worked at my speed to help me bring in my very own results. He explains every situation both from your side, and the other person's side, so you really get to see how others think and react - which makes you better at pickup. You want to be a social ninja? He's the sensei you need.
March 07, 2017