What Girls Look For In a Guy

what girls look for in a guyHey bro, do you want to know what girls look for in a guy? It sure seems to be a topic on a lot of guy’s minds these days. Let’s have a closer look at the subject.

What Girls Look for in a Guy – More Than Meets the Eye

If you’ve done even a little bit of research, you have probably already realized that women aren’t as interested in physical appearances as men might be.

This should be good news if you’re not blessed with movie-star looks. In fact, this should be great news. It means that no matter how you might look, it means that you have the power to take control of your dating life and attract the kind of women you really want. Fair or not, you can’t really say the same thing when it comes to women attracting men.

Eliminating the Usual Suspects

Ask around and you’ll hear lots of opinions. Some people will say women are attracted to rich guys, tall guys, confident guys, tough guys, and pretty much a whole list of other attributes.

Sure women would probably like to date a buff, tall, confident, millionaire. But you know what? Those are all just symptoms of something more going on beneath the surface.

Haven’t you known some completely ugly broke guy that just somehow ends up hooking up with a totally hot babe? What’s his secret?

Here’s the truth on what girls look for in a guy… Are you ready?

It’s trust.

Women want you to be a man. Someone she can count on to be there for her. The world is an uncertain place and being a woman means being subject to the whims of emotion and circumstance. At least it has since caveman days.

What girls look for in a guy is dependability, integrity, and trust. Women often find other things like money, confidence and physical strength attractive because these qualities suggest that a man is dependable.

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Money conveys a message that a man can provide for a woman in the long run. Confidence shows her that you are not easily shaken the things that happen in the world around you. And physical size and strength will make a woman feel that you can protect her from threats and danger.

Are you starting to see the big picture here?

That means that if you just practice becoming a man of integrity, you can develop this attractive quality to women. Take the time to think about your values in life and then do everything you can to follow through on these things and live your life by them. There is an old saying that “a man is only as good as his word.” This is absolutely critical when it comes building up a reputation for integrity.

Women don’t like men that are forgetful, unreliable, or overly emotional. When you think about it this makes sense. More often than not, these are qualities that most people would agree are pretty common with women. Women want men to be something different. What girls look for in a guy is consistency, dedication, and integrity. Work on cultivating these qualities and you’ll find that girls are just naturally more attracted to you.