What To Say To Women

What to say to womenIf you ask a group of guys what their biggest sticking point is with meeting and attracting women, it’s knowing what to say to women – especially when you’re doing that first approach.

That initial moment when you go up to a woman is so vital, you need to make sure you make a good impression or else you risk completely blowing things.  If you can’t even get a conversation started, then there’s pretty much no chance you’ll be able to date or eventually hook up with her.

What to Say to Women – Pickup lines?

It’s no wonder so many guys get approach anxiety and spend so much time thinking up the best openers and routines to make sure that they make that perfect first impression.

Sure, sometimes these memorized openers and canned routines can work and help you pick up women.  But more often than not, they will just fall flat on their face.

You see, you can’t just go up to a woman and say something that you memorized weeks before you’ve even seen her for the first time.  It won’t come across as natural and it will just seem like some insincere line you memorized.

However, DO NOT talk to women like this desperate guy in the video below:

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A much better way to approach a woman is to simply look for something relevant about the situation and simply bring it up casually.

For example, if you notice that she’s part of a big group of girls out celebrating her friend’s bachelorette party, you can simply ask her if she thinks the bride a groom will make a good couple.  Women love to talk about topics like relationships.

This type of approach is much more natural and will seem more sincere (especially if it is).  Women will generally be more receptive to this kind of approach over something that is too scripted since it seems like you’re just a normal person making friendly conversation rather than a guy trying to get with them.

The next way to approach a woman is a little more risky, but it can come across as extremely genuine when you do it right.  All you need to do is not think of what to say to women at all until you open your mouth.

Can you see how difficult this can be?  Yeah, it’s risky, and yeah, you may end up saying something stupid, but who cares?

You might just end up walking up to her and saying something like, “I couldn’t think of any clever pickup lines, but I wanted to come and talk to you anyway.  What’s your name?”

This can be very powerful because it is so direct and completely different from what all the other guys out there are saying to her (constantly memorizing lines or whatever). It might take a bit of time to build up the confidence you need to do this, but it is definitely a rush that makes things fun and exciting!

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So, this should give you a few ideas on what to say to women when you’re going in for the approach. Remember, to relax and not take things so seriously. This is just a fun, innocent way to get to know the woman and you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself.